Current beauty favorites…

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As you all know I am addicted to beauty products! However, I do not post about beauty products up here often. That is totally silly of them! I will definitely be making it a habit of sharing about beauty products more often.

For the last month these three products have become a staple in my beauty regimen! I seriously cannot get enough of them. My skin has been looking AH-MAZING because of these products!

  1. NYX – Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray: This finishing spray is the absolute truth! After I am done applying my makeup  I spritz this on my face two times. It leaves my skin hydrated and it keeps it looking matte all day.
  2. Maybelline Fit Me – Dewy + Smooth: During the week this is my go to foundation! It is super lightweight and it gives me the perfect amount of coverage. I also love it because it has an SPF in it!
  3. Mineral Fusion – Skin Balancing Moisturizer: I came across this foundation when I shopping in Bed Bath & Beyond. I had heard about this product before and when I saw that it was on sale I decided to give it a try. The regular price for it is $23, but I purchased it one sale for $9. That was another reason that made me purchase it! It is a creamy lightweight moisturizer that does not leave your face greasy. It is age-defying with natural antioxidants and it is 100% vegan!

All three of these products are amazing! Your skincare and beauty regimen should always enhance your skin. The goal to having healthy skin is finding out what products work best for you!

Also, if you happen to try out any of these products please let me know!


Real talk about life…

I think this post is the most vulnerable I have ever been in life. It’s very hard opening up on such a large platform, but I know that by doing this I am possibly touching someone’s life. I contemplated on whether I not I was going to share this post several times, but I had to kick fear to the curb.

This year I have been constantly tested. I have questioned God, my faith, and my capabilities. The people that I thought I could count on failed me. It has hurt like hell. Side note: When good and bad things happen in your life that is when you find out who your real friends are. Take notes. Actions ALWAYS  speak louder than words. 

During all of this I haven’t stopped journaling, reading my daily devotionals, and simply spending time with God. I have been questioning God all through out this year, but I haven’t stopped clinging on to him.

I’m not saying that this year hasn’t been great, because I have had many amazing moments! However, I needed to face the challenge of being tested constantly in order to fully trust God when things weren’t going how I planned or envisioned them.

God’s timing is perfect. Sometimes He puts you through certain things to get you when He wants you to be. Right before God opens a door, life typically gets pretty hard. Stay focused and do not let it defeat you. It WILL be worth it in the end. Always trust your journey. It is YOUR journey for a reason. Never be afraid to tell your story, because you never know who you may be helping. 

Flowy top + skinny jeans…

I absolutely flowy tops! Since I’ve gained a little weight flowy tops have been one of my go to items, because I am totally trying to conceal my tummy! I was shopping with my best friend Khadijah one day and she dragged me into Forever 21 with her. Anyone who knows me will tell you that Forever 21 definitely isn’t one of my favorite stores! Reluctantly I went in there with her and I came across this flowy top that I could not resist! I love this top because of the versatility of it! I’ve worn it several ways and I wish that it would have came in more colors because I definitely would have gotten more.

Lately I have been obsessed with buying jeans. Within the last two weeks I have purchased ten pairs of jeans! I was helping my little cousin with her back to school shopping and I came across these jeans in JCPenny’s. I immediately liked them so I decided to try them on and they fit me perfectly! Jeans will NEVER go out of style! My theory with jeans is when you find a pair that fit great just buy them. You never have enough pairs of jeans!

IMG_6407Top + Necklace: Forever 21 | Jeans: JCPenny’s | Flats: Target | Watch: Movado




The off the shoulder dress…

I was obsessed with off the shoulder anything ALL summer long! Anytime that I saw something that was off the shoulder I had to buy it. My mother often asked me what was the deal with my off the shoulder obsession!  So, I had my eye on this off the shoulder dress from Cotton On for a few weeks. However, I didn’t think that it was worth $30 but one day I was browsing the website and I saw that it was on sale. I ended up getting the dress for $10!

I wore this  dress to my aunts beach wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was perfect the occasion. That also happened to be my first time wearing it and it made wish that I had worn it more over the summer. This dress is definitely one of my favorites now, because not only is is comfortable but it fits me perfectly.

IMG_6310Dress: Cotton On | Necklace: Forever 21 | Watch: Movado | Sandals: TJ Maxx




Style feature: Gabby

Today’s style feature beauty is Gabby! Not only is she stylish and fabulous, but I am blessed to have her as one of my closest friends! We met each other during our freshmen year of college and I am so grateful that God allowed us to meet each other.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is versatile! I would say that at this moment I am going for a more chic professional look, now that I have an internship! I have to make sure that I look good in front and behind the camera.

What made style your dress that you did? 

I finalized my style with my olive green jacket because I am ready for fall! I wore my striped body con dress from Sears to church and I had to conceal my assets in a sophisticated way! In my opinion, wearing the dress by itself was a little too much for church!  The SHOES… I got them from Target earlier this summer on sale! I knew mules were a must for the season and now I know that they can carry over into fall. Lastly, I changed from a bright orange lippie, because there was already a pop of color around the neck. I didn’t want to be too bright, so I figured a nice neutral lip and face would compliment the look I was going for.

What are your favorite items to wear?

As you can see my watch is my favorite item to wear! It was a very special gift from my boo! So, ladies ya’ll know you better wear it forever or you’ll never see another one LOL! Now that the weather is calming down my fro will be making more appearances, which is always a staple in my book!

Her look…


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