Style feature: Gabby

Today’s style feature beauty is Gabby! Not only is she stylish and fabulous, but I am blessed to have her as one of my closest friends! We met each other during our freshmen year of college and I am so grateful that God allowed us to meet each other.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is versatile! I would say that at this moment I am going for a more chic professional look, now that I have an internship! I have to make sure that I look good in front and behind the camera.

What made style your dress that you did? 

I finalized my style with my olive green jacket because I am ready for fall! I wore my striped body con dress from Sears to church and I had to conceal my assets in a sophisticated way! In my opinion, wearing the dress by itself was a little too much for church!  The SHOES… I got them from Target earlier this summer on sale! I knew mules were a must for the season and now I know that they can carry over into fall. Lastly, I changed from a bright orange lippie, because there was already a pop of color around the neck. I didn’t want to be too bright, so I figured a nice neutral lip and face would compliment the look I was going for.

What are your favorite items to wear?

As you can see my watch is my favorite item to wear! It was a very special gift from my boo! So, ladies ya’ll know you better wear it forever or you’ll never see another one LOL! Now that the weather is calming down my fro will be making more appearances, which is always a staple in my book!

Her look…


IMG_1108 (1)


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