Real talk about life…

I think this post is the most vulnerable I have ever been in life. It’s very hard opening up on such a large platform, but I know that by doing this I am possibly touching someone’s life. I contemplated on whether I not I was going to share this post several times, but I had to kick fear to the curb.

This year I have been constantly tested. I have questioned God, my faith, and my capabilities. The people that I thought I could count on failed me. It has hurt like hell. Side note: When good and bad things happen in your life that is when you find out who your real friends are. Take notes. Actions ALWAYS  speak louder than words. 

During all of this I haven’t stopped journaling, reading my daily devotionals, and simply spending time with God. I have been questioning God all through out this year, but I haven’t stopped clinging on to him.

I’m not saying that this year hasn’t been great, because I have had many amazing moments! However, I needed to face the challenge of being tested constantly in order to fully trust God when things weren’t going how I planned or envisioned them.

God’s timing is perfect. Sometimes He puts you through certain things to get you when He wants you to be. Right before God opens a door, life typically gets pretty hard. Stay focused and do not let it defeat you. It WILL be worth it in the end. Always trust your journey. It is YOUR journey for a reason. Never be afraid to tell your story, because you never know who you may be helping. 


2 thoughts on “Real talk about life…

  1. versicolorcloset says:

    I can assure you that you are not alone in this. Though life will inevitably keep throwing u curveballs, rest assured that there is a lesson to be learned in every circumstance. Sometimes all you need to do is to “be still & know that HE is God” and believe that no mountain is too big for Him to move. Cling to His every promise girl and He shall give you strength and direct your path.

    PS: Watch War Room! It will change your prayer life. All the best. Xoxo 😘

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